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5 Benefits of Robotics to the Offshore Industry

  • Written by Mike Tann
  • 24/05/2023
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Over the last year, there has been a lot of activity in offshore robotics. 

  1. Contracts have been signed left, right, and centre.

  2. Investment has surged to a record high (Source: Fact MR)

  3. Massive innovations have been made.

Even oil-giant, Shell, joined the booming trend in August 2022 – making a deal with Nauticus Robotics for the use of some of their data-collection machines.

This agreement (and other similar ones) have challenged engineers to continue designing advanced solutions for the offshore industry, leading to significant improvements to ROVs in particular.

Today, the technology on offer suggests that there’s a bright future ahead.

The Role of Robotics in the Offshore Industry

As we’ve discussed a little before on this blog, robotics play a crucial role in the survival of the offshore industry.

Without lifesaving surveyance equipment, for instance, the safety of our crew would be frequently brought into question.

The robotics technology that is now used on a day-to-day basis, which delivers insightful data to decision-makers, allows projects to be conducted concisely and carefully.

The Benefits Offered by Robotics in the Offshore Industry

Still, the value that robotics offers to the offshore industry goes beyond an increased level of safety. This technology is actually utilised in many different applications, all of which allow projects to keep on ticking.


Time is money. Anyone working offshore can agree with this sentiment. Machines that have been maintained properly by qualified staff members are ready to be used at any given moment, reducing the number of delays across the board. Plus, they can work tirelessly for hours on end – sometimes outperforming human employees.


How many times have you had to urgently source a specialist employee, only to wait days for their arrival? Robotic technology is always there when you need it, waiting to be turned on.

Whether it’s a drilling tool that doesn’t require manual operation or an Automated Underwater Vehicle (AUV) that collects and processes crucial information as it roams, there’s no denying that robotics is an asset to the offshore industry.


When an error is made when undergoing dangerous work, lives are at risk. One innocent misjudgment could end in tragedy, leaving no room for mistakes in most offshore projects. Luckily, robotics are fine-tuned to be perfect all the time. They aren’t vulnerable to tiredness or human error, so they can ensure that projects don’t get derailed and informed decisions are made.


Preparing a diver to go underwater is an extensive process that requires a heap of preparation The same isn’t true for the launch of a Remote Operated vehicle (even though all the relevant checks still need to be made).

For the subsea industry, then, robotic equipment can streamline a significant portion of the work, completing tasks in record time. When this technology gets adopted by other areas of the offshore industry, this benefit will prove revolutionary.


With the aid of robotics, offshore workers can be more effective with their time to get more done during their shifts. This will improve the output of each individual, adding up to make a massive difference across the entire vessel. 

As productivity rates rise, projects will take less time to complete – keeping leaders, fleet owners, and shareholders happy.

How to Use Robotics to Your Advantage Offshore

Even if you’re already using robotics in your offshore projects, the recent advancements that have been made mean there are more opportunities in front of you. Don’t let them go to waste.

To make use of the technology on offer, you can’t just invest in the machines and the software… you need qualified staff members that can operate and extract value from them.

After all, what’s the point of having access to vast amounts of informative data if you aren’t able to understand it? 

In the next few years, as robotics continues to play a crucial role in the offshore industry, you need to concentrate on securing talented employees with the right skills for the job.

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