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The Benefits of Working with an Offshore Recruiter

  • Written by Mike Tann
  • 01/12/2022
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On a day-to-day basis, how much spare time do you have? Minutes? Seconds?

If your answer is identical to the majority of other leaders in the offshore sector, the answer is concerningly predictable: none. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

Either you’re busy doing tasks that require your full attention, or you’re overseeing the work done by other employees. 

This doesn’t give you much breathing room throughout the day. Or, really, any space at all.

So, although this commitment is great news for your company (and their reports of high productivity), there’s a slight problem. The constant disruptions that crop up throughout the day mean that you’re often restricted in what you can actually do. 

In these unavoidable scenarios, you never really get a chance to leave your bubble.

The complication of being a busy offshore leader

When was the last time you spoke to someone in your industry that wasn’t a colleague or a friend?

Even if you attend networking events regularly, offshore leaders often find themselves glued to one spot, engaging with people they know in the industry, as opposed to networking with potential clients or candidates. 

This gives them next to zero opportunities to get out there, take in new information, and network with prime talent that’s practically within arms reach. 

It’s an incredibly difficult (and sometimes frustrating) position to be in, especially when it comes to recruitment.

As a leader, you’re so focused on the internal clockwork of your organisation that a lot of the external factors of your job bypass you entirely. This includes things like laws and industry regulations, which are constantly changing.

The reasons you should work with an offshore recruiter

If this is you, it’s time to consider allowing yourself access to extra support. 

We believe that forming a partnership with an offshore recruitment specialist is the perfect solution for someone who recognises the value of their human resources, but just doesn’t have the time to dedicate to hiring processes.

You won’t only get access to a variety of talent and a much bigger audience. There’s so much on offer…

  1. Risk mitigation

By working with an offshore recruiter, you unlock years of industry experience that can be used in your favour. You’ll likely receive data-driven advice that will prove to be a life-saver for reducing wrongful hiring. This can unlock a new level of potential for your business - decreasing time-to-fill averages and boosting employee retention.

  1. Informed decisions

It’s frustrating to believe you’ve found the perfect candidate, only to discover within the first few weeks that they bluffed their way through the interview process. How? By answering generic questions delivered by a well-meaning hiring manager that isn’t from your industry. Offshore recruiters, on the other hand, will have a direct background in the field you’re in - giving you an advantage with making the perfect hire.

  1. Ongoing support

Through offshore recruiters, you’ll not only discover that the selected person is a perfect fit for your organisation, but you’ll also receive extra guidance in helping them thrive as they learn the ropes. There’s always an adjustment period when entering a new job, and those first-day jitters won’t stay around for long. These candidates need to feel welcomed and valued from the get-go.

  1. Duty of care

Rather than being forced to trust crowded job boards to separate the spam from the suitable, working with an offshore recruiter gives you a competitive advantage. Specialists in our field don’t just provide you with bodies, but they make sure the employees they select can actually do the job required, as well as fit in culturally and add something positive to your existing workforce.

  1. Business agility

Rather than rushing through your recruitment process and selecting an inappropriate candidate simply because you’re desperate to fill a gap, offshore recruiters can offer trustworthy contract workers to pick up the slack when you’re facing a tight deadline. This gives you more time to explore your options, conduct background checks, and choose the right person for the job. Doesn’t that sound much more ideal?

  1. Market understanding

One of the most important parts of being an offshore recruiter is understanding the industry. Candidates regularly need specialist advice - such as visa information, for example - which business leaders often aren’t able to provide. Through your partnership, you can rest easy knowing each of your new employees are receiving the information they need to show up on time for your project launch.

(Source: Super Staff)

The benefits of working with Select Offshore

Through Select Offshore, you don’t have to compromise on quality.

We work closely with our clients to anticipate talent needs, plan in advance, and deliver timely and reliable solutions. 

Our recruiters recognise their role as your brand ambassadors, remaining polite and honest with candidates to secure a deal that works for everyone.

Should talent emergencies arise, we’ll be on hand to help - working behind the scenes to address issues and source replacements when needed.
Sickness, emergencies, and time delays are inevitable, so why not have a system in place to combat this through us?

Find offshore employees through Select Offshore

Select Offshore delivers maritime professionals who are reliable, communicative, and enthusiastic. We adhere to tricky deadlines to secure project success through:

  • Executive Search

  • Contract Staffing

  • RPO Solutions 

Our team strongly believes in celebrating each of the individuals we work with, dedicating time to find them desirable offshore placements. 

Is the next one with you? Contact us now.


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