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Top In-Demand Specialist Offshore Jobs in Renewables

  • Written by Mike Tann
  • 24/10/2022
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Engineers. Electricians. Scientists.

These are just a few examples of the core roles that have always been crucial to the offshore industry. That won't change any time soon, especially as innovation continues to spur market growth.

However, there’s something we need to acknowledge. They aren't the only specialist employees that renewable companies have been fighting over in recent years. 

Talent competition as a whole has been at an all-time high and a vast gap has been forming between supply and demand for roles all over the world (Source: Korn Ferry). 

As offshore energy continues to garner significant media and investment attention, let's review the roles needed for businesses to make the most of each opportunity coming their way.

(Source: GoodCore Marketing)

Top 11 in-demand specialist roles in renewable energy

Across job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, there’s a clear pattern in the positions listed…

They all demand at least 3-4 years of direct experience (if not more) and have been left open for months. 

Electrical Technician

Due to the global skill shortage, a variety of electrical jobs have gone unfilled. This includes technician positions, which are absolutely vital to the function of all offshore projects that require the installation of wiring, circuits, and outlets.

IT Operator 

As the use of technology continues to surge, energy companies are starting to look for staff that can manage these assets. While some elements of this job can be done remotely, the majority want someone on their vessel who can actively fix issues when something goes awry.

Environmental Consultant

Business owners are feeling the pressure to make ethical decisions and protect the health of the ocean. Consultants are being brought on board to conduct research, review data, and provide advice to management teams.

Operations Officer

It makes sense that renewable energy organisations need to ensure harmony across their teams if they want to reach objectives. Like any element of project management, budgets must be adhered to, and resources must be properly distributed. 

Drill Supervisor

As businesses open entry-level drill positions, talent is needed to oversee these staff members and provide relevant training that will fuel the future of our industry. Without them, career progression will stall and the energy skill shortages will continue to grow.

Inspection Engineer

With regulations getting stricter, it’s critical that all project specifications must be met. To remain compliant (protecting the safety of the crew) and continue to be profitable, businesses can ensure they are producing high-quality work through strict and regular testing.

Supply Chain Logistics

As resources surge in price, offshore companies need someone to manage relationships with their distributors. This way, they may be able to benefit from priority deals and lower prices - ensuring materials are delivered on time.

UX/UI Designer

Custom software applications are being introduced to offshore employees on a day-to-day basis. These need to be adjusted to create the best possible experience for the staff members who have a steep learning curve to undertake.

R&D Scientist

Intelligent minds are required to develop advancements in renewable energy technology. The industry would be redundant without them, and companies are wanting to secure innovators to call their own in order to remain competitive.

The difficulty of filling these specialist renewable roles

It will not be easy to onboard specialist talent in the coming years. 

Qualified individuals, like electricians, are seeing incredible career potential in multiple industries, including:

  • Robotics

  • Manufacturing

  • Real estate

  • Automotive

In such positions, talent won’t be drawn away from their family or loved ones. This is a big deciding factor for anyone considering an offshore job. 

As a result, businesses will need to differentiate themselves going forward.
If they want to have any success with talent attraction, they’d be well advised to develop a unique employer value proposition and start wielding it to their advantage.

How to find specialist candidates in renewable energy

It’s all well and good to develop a branding strategy that encourages job seekers to work with you but, unless you know where to find the specialist candidates you need, your recruitment mission will be near impossible. 

LinkedIn seems like the obvious place (and has offered success to some organisations), yet there are also industry forums and community groups you should become an active participant in. 

Remember, specialist candidates are becoming resistant to being approached by headhunters online. To convert leads, start capturing a potential employee’s attention in a passive way by building up a relationship with individuals before propositioning them with a job offer (Source: Greg Savage). 

If you’re struggling, Select Offshore already has an extensive network of candidates that could be of use. We’ve spent years honing relationships with qualified talent all over the world.

Find offshore contracts through Select Offshore

Select Offshore delivers maritime professionals who are reliable, communicative, and enthusiastic. We adhere to tricky deadlines to secure project success through:

  1. Executive Search

  2. Contract Staffing

  3. RPO Solutions 

Our team strongly believes in celebrating each of the individuals we work with, dedicating time to find them desirable offshore placements. 

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