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Hiring Talent

We’ve built an extensive network of fully-vetted, versatile, permanent and contract talent to fill the gaps in your team.

Our Industries

We focus on providing diverse recruitment solutions to marine, heavy lift, survey, ROV and renewables to enable our clients projects to operate smoothly. We provide our clients with reliable, qualified personnel who have our seal of approval. 

Select Offshore’s specialist history in marine recruitment allows us to deliver exceptional service and incredible talent from our extensive connections. For help crewing your offshore project, contact us today.

Select Offshore’s knowledge in heavy lift recruitment ensures we provide qualified offshore personnel who will drive success on your projects. For help manning your heavy lift project, contact us today.

Select Offshore intends to be the future of sustainable renewable recruitment, sourcing difficult-to-find, world-leading talent to support investment into renewable energy. For help supporting your business, please contact us today.

The depths are yet to be explored, but our talent pool isn’t. Select Offshore can connect you with intelligent, enthusiastic subsea and ROV talent. For help crewing your offshore project, contact us today. 

As the energy crisis continues to drive governments into action, the agility of our sector is crucial. For help staffing your offshore project, contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve built a name for ourselves in the offshore recruitment market - building steadfast relationships with both clients and candidates.
We’ve always delivered on our duty of care, and strive to provide record-breaking results.


We consistently go the extra mile for our clients and candidates and we are pleased to say that our efforts have been noticed. In 2021, we won ‘Recruitment Agency of the Year’ at the Recruiter awards, and ‘Best International Recruitment Agency’ at the Investing in Talent Awards - two fantastic awards that we attribute to our dedicated team of recruiters.

In 2020, we were thrilled to win the prestigious Queen’s Award for Outstanding Growth in International Trade, for our work during the pandemic. This certification is a well-deserved recognition of our efforts that will be critical to our ongoing success.


Our Services

Executive Search
Contract Staffing

Don’t let recruitment be an afterthought. 

Blind panic inevitably leads to wrongful decision-making, but onboarding an unsuitable candidate harms both your firm and its employees - costing your company an average of £11,000.

By working with Select Offshore, you’ll benefit from proactivity and not reactivity. 


Our specialist Recruitment Process Outsourcing team adheres to tricky deadlines by utilising our vast connections with marine talent around the world. 

Acting as an extension to your business, our expertise in Human Resource Management allows us to identify and place talent, aiding them with the transition into your workplace.

Outsource your hiring decisions.

No matter what’s going on in the market, our core focus is - and always has been - delivering outstanding staff. Throughout the year, we source and engage with job seekers, so when the opportunity arises, we’re ready with the perfect solution.

Our RPO is more than a service, it’s a partnership.

We reflect the need for project mobilisation, bringing international expertise in employee engagement and selection. With Select Offshore handling 95% of the recruitment process, you can be assured that your brand will be represented in the best light: 

  • Timely responses to candidate queries
  • Professional interview management
  • Deep understanding of team structure and hierarchy
  • Insightful, data-backed hiring decisions
Revolutionize offshore recruitment, contact us today.

Only 10% of the world’s population are natural leaders.

Working in the offshore industry can be a difficult and isolating job, and creating an effective support network for your employees is about hiring compassionate individuals who know when to step up and when to back down.


The perfect addition to your team.

Select Offshore’s executive search analyses thousands of candidates to deliver qualified talent with the right knowledge and skills to navigate dynamic leadership positions on board. 


By working with us, your employees will benefit from our tried-and-tested process that helps executive hires transform from a distant entity into one of the team. 

  • Timely responses to candidate queries
  • Professional interview management
  • Deep understanding of team structure and hierarchy
  • Insightful, data-backed hiring decisions


Finding the right leadership is vital to the ongoing success of any mission, so we’ve made it ours to deliver specialist and reliable personnel.

We identify candidates through detailed headhunting, encouraging referrals from our industry-relevant connections to create diverse and inclusive shortlists that would boost your team, not bring them down. 

No matter what’s going on in the market, our core focus is - and always has been - delivering outstanding leaders. We undertake progressive psychometric profiling to find top talent who hold the same values as you do.

Want to permanently fill management and executive positions? Contact us today.  

Contract solutions are the future of our industry.

Over 1.6 million workers are currently at sea, and the worldwide demand for officers and specialist crew reveals a shortage of approximately 16,500 employees.

Benefit from thousands of qualified marine individuals for emergencies, time-sensitive projects, and difficult-to-hire leadership positions.


Hassle-free marine recruitment.

For years, labour shortages have complicated offshore recruitment; which is why we’ve been spending our time building an extensive (and trusted) international network of contractors who can arrive on base within days. 

Any growing fleet undertaking risky but exciting ventures deserve the perfect solution: specialist contractors. Select Offshore can deliver maritime professionals who are reliable, communicative, and enthusiastic. 


When you partner with us, your project, safety, and wellbeing are in the hands of friends - not strangers. 

As experts in international marine recruitment with connections across the world, we aid firms in keeping compliant with local regulatory laws to avoid paying hefty fines. We fill talent gaps on board with knowledgeable, experienced contractors.

  • Timely responses to candidate queries
  • Professional interview management
  • Deep understanding of team structure and hierarchy
  • Insightful, data-backed hiring decisions

Adapt your HRM to adopt the future of recruitment. Contact us today.


A recruitment agency you can trust

Select Offshore always go the extra mile; the professional yet personal touch is evident on every assignment I have had over the last 2 years.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Select to job seekers and major organisations alike.

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Colin Crane Operator

Dealing with Select Offshore, we have people that are always available to help out in case of emergencies. Difficulties will be solved in a proper way and we have a good open communication from them.

Select Offshore will tackle the issues before they reach my desk. If they reach my desk, it is just a simple mail forward and they will take care.  They take great care in their recruitment and listen to my requests without bombarding me with questions.

Final conclusion is that they are a proper agency which have a very high-quality standard and listen to what we need as Deme.

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Hanneke Schuurbiers Deme Offshore

Select Offshore are a company who are highly professional, quick in response, service minded and well databased.

I have worked very professionally with Select Offshore within Vroon Offshore services.

I believe Select Offshore are highly competent, very service minded and a great asset in the maritime world.

Your recruitment is in good hands with Select Offshore.

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Vanessa Drost Vroon Offshore Services

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